VoIP Phone Systems for UK Business

Wherever your business is based, we keep you connected through clear, impartial and friendly advice.

Transform your business communications

For every UK business, communication is at the heart of each and every one.

Fast, reliable connectivity

A busy workplace needs access to fast and reliable business broadband

Get connected worldwide with IoT/M2M

The Internet (IoT) eSIM is about to transform the way we all use technology.

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A company you can trust

We have a wealth of experience in providing business-to-business services such as fixed lines and calls, broadband, mobile, gas, electricity and water, our customers sing our praises and so will you.

Never beaten on price

Even with a fluctuating market, we still promise to beat your first written renewal offer. As a result, we’ve attracted more than 20,000 businesses away from the giants. Because your lives are hard enough without overspending on bills.

Excellent customer service

We know that you don’t have time to be waiting on hold trying to speak to someone. We answer customer calls quickly and those calls are answered by experienced people in our local UK based office.

About Blu Sky Group

Blu Sky was formed because businesses weren’t being given the support they deserved on their critical telecommunications needs. Businesses were spending too much, and they waited too long on hold. So, in 2015 we decided to change that, by implementing a level of professional care that had never been seen in this sector.

This approach to first class customer care remains today and is the cornerstone of why businesses continue to seek out Blu Sky and why many customers have remained with Blu Sky to this day.

Hosted VoIP phone system features:

Judge us by the company we keep

They always say you can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep, which is why we hand-pick the partners we want to work with, ultimately providing our customers with trusted brands, robust solutions and continuity of service. We deal with all devices and all UK major networks.

Hosted VoIP business phone systems

The technology that routes your calls is kept off-site (hosted in the cloud) and the IP phone you use simply connects to the internet from any internet connection. In addition, your calls can be received and made from a mobile phone app, or PC software.

Our hosted VoIP solution offers many benefits for business users:

Why Thousands of Businesses Trust Our Hosted VOIP Service?

Business improving

Getting the maximum from our leading business phone systems can separate you from your competitors.

Unified communications

Using mobile and desktop applications to get all your communications working together.

100% Satisfaction

At Blu Sky Group we offer a great service at a great price, most of our business is by referral.

Safe, Secure & Reliable

We protect our systems to ensure your service is always safe, secure and reliable.

How Our Process Leads to Results

Clear, simple, single billing

We’re a multi-service provider, but that doesn’t mean multiple bills. No matter how many services you have, you’ll only receive one bill with a clear breakdown of all your charges.

A smooth transition

We promise the smoothest switch possible. When a household loses service, it’s an annoyance. When a business loses service, everything grinds to a halt, losing customers and ultimately, money. With Blu Sky our number one aim is to keep your business running.

Fantastic support

We promise the smoothest switch possible. When a household loses service, it’s an annoyance. When a business loses service, everything grinds to a halt, losing customers and ultimately, money. With Blu Sky our number one aim is to keep your business running.

Your Business Communications Partner

Get started in 3 easy steps...

Connect your phones

We will connect your phones and give full handset training.

Choose how many users

Choose how many phone connections and what type of user licence is needed.

Connect your phones

We will connect your phones and give full handset training.

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