Our Technology

Colorinvent is the owner of state-of-the-art multi-angle algorithms in the field of color database search, color and texture prediction, and correction algorithms. Knowledge and experience is used to create formulation rules based on paint/pigment/product properties, as well as effective pigment selection procedures. 

In addition to color quality, performance is further improved by excellent color management resulting in efficient work flows to handle single colors and batches of colors and multi-lab support for global color projects. Our software supports of equipment like dispensers, spectrophotometers (not restricted to multi-angle). 

Functionality will to added based on our technology roadmap and specific customer needs. In 2023, we will introduce exciting functionality based on Artificial Intelligence.

Our Services

Colorinvent helps paint manufacturing companies to implement the optimal design of color processes for their specific situation. We do this by consultancy and training. In addition we offer software solutions which we offer according to the Software as a Service (SaaS) principle.

Our software solutions consist of:

The integration option at the end user will allow paint manufacturing companies to implement spectrophotometer and correction algorithms at their customers, helping them to improve their performance.

Try ColorInvent For Free

Our service starts with an intake meeting with our customer. In this meeting, a first evaluation of the color process is done, and information is exchanged to prepare for a demonstration of the lab software. A multi-user demo version of the lab software will be made available, free and without obligation for 1 month. We will set up the database for one effect coating product. In order to do that, we require either the application of a pre-determined set of colors, or alternatively the exchange of  existing color formulas with their measurements.

We are confident that this trial will explain paint companies – more than words possibly can – how we can add value to their color processes.  After the trial, a follow-up meeting will be held to evaluate the demo experience, and possible next steps will be discussed.

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