The challenge of effect color matching

For paint manufacturing companies, the complexity of delivering industrial effect colors comes with quality and efficiency challenges. Hand-matching colors is a costly activity and it is very difficult to find good and experienced people to do it. It requires multi-angle spectrophotometers and dedicated color match software. In many domains, like Automotive, a large color and color variant offer is necessary.

Those colors have to be made available to the end user, easy retrievable, and up to date. It is almost impossible for end users to deliver first time right color matches to an object without e.g. the ability to correct at the spot. Therefore, end users need dedicated color tools as well.

Who deals with this effect?

Only the larger paint manufacturing companies have the people, capacity, and skills available to develop proprietary cost efficient and successful multi-angle spectrophotometer software for complex effect colors, both for internal processes and at customer end. Alternatively, commercially available software systems do not yet promise to deliver a good color match.

The complexity of paint products, effect colors, and the thought process of color matchers is not always understood by the makers. Furthermore, software integration with the paint company color systems, training, and color match support requires experience of processes at paint manufacturing companies and their end users. 

Colorinvent can help with this challenge

ColorInvent has the unique ability to bring together practical experience of hand-matching, and excellent understanding of paint, pigments, color science, and software development. ColorInvent has developed a cloud based multi-angle color development service for the paint companies and their end-users that supports both effect colors and solid colors.

With our expertise and tools we help paint manufacturing companies to make their processes competitive, highly efficient and deliver great quality to their end users, without having to heavily invest in people, color science, software development, and infrastructure. Performance of color systems can be brought up to par to - or even beyond - the systems developed by the large multinationals.

Value we add

The team of ColorInvent has a proven track record of efficiency improvement up to 300%, where average “all-in” cost per effect color will become significantly lower. Color databases become more consistent with better quality, larger color offer, and shorter lead times.

Our software interface is intuitive, which results in very fast learning curves and lowers dependency on highly skilled people in the color laboratories. Our tools are global and cloud based by design, which makes color communication very easy between different laboratories, end users, and potentially suppliers as well. We can provide support at many levels: from process design to individual specific difficult color matches.

Try ColorInvent For Free

We offer a free one-month trial of our cloud based multi-angle color development service for one effect coating product. We are confident that this trial will explain paint companies – more than words possibly can – how we can add value to their color processes
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