No Longer Feel You are Losing Control of Your Sales Cycles, the all-in-one intelligent and collaborative sales engagement platform to accelerate your B2B deals and increase your bottom line.

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Collaborative Dealrooms For Every Deal

Increase Deal Visibility and Engagement Both Internally and Externally

  • Create detailed Mutual Action Plans with relevant notes, documentation, next step owners, and due dates.
  • Establish deal stories and records for your internal strategy calls and equip your champion to help sell you internally.
  • Visualize deals in realtime to understand what needs to be done to move deals to the next stage.
  • Hold stakeholders accountable on outcomes and keeping up with timelines.

Reduce Non-Deal Contributing Work and Focus On Selling

  • Organize resources into a single source of truth and no longer spend time referring back to old email chains and information when new stakeholders are looped in.
  • Easily add follow-up information in task descriptions so further recaps can be reduced.
  • Avoid back and forth scheduling by sending calendar invites directly off tasks while live on calls.

Copy and Paste Success

  • Easily compare workflows, documentation, and sales cycles that work and ensure best practices.
  • Understand how your sales organization is performing and what your best reps are doing to get ahead.

Easily Handoff Deals To Customer Success Teams

  • Seamlessly invite relevant internal and external members and get them up to speed on deal progress.
  • Access deal timelines and instantly have deal summaries in one place for CSM’s to take over and start implementatins post closed-won.

How it works


Create personalized deal rooms for prospects and invite internal and external stakeholders.


Collaborate and align deal contributing team members with mutual action plans and task creation.


Organize all marketing material, demo links, POC docs and other resources into one single source of truth.


Record meeting notes, next steps, follow ups and schedule meetings directly on Deallab to streamline workflows and avoid information leaks.

Access Better Deal Insights and Win

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“Hopeful” tells the story of Margo Walsh who literally built a business from her kitchen table, as a single mother of two. Her company, MaineWorks, employs ex-cons and people in recovery, exclusively. We meet many of her employees and hear their stories of hope. We hear from Maine’s Governor, Janet Mills, and US Senator from Maine, Angus King, who both discuss how Margo’s model is ripe for both state and nationwide roll-outs; MaineWorks is already operational throughout Maine and expanding into five other states. Miraculously, Margo is part of the discussion for staffing for the future, as the Infrastructure bill works its way through Congress. “Hopeful – The Story of MaineWorks” is an uplifting portrait of a female American entrepreneur with a social conscience, who gives individuals a second chance to rebuild their lives, and a pathway back to the community and redemption through hard work.

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