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Our clients range from individual investors, to local, international as well as fortune 500 companies. We never discriminate between our clients . The work is given the attention and dedication required of our lawyers to complete the job. 


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Al Safar & Partners has built a strong reputation for being an effective law firm. We have professional attorneys in different fields which enable us to offer full legal services for individuals and businesses across diverse fields. Our core values guide our actions which leads to satisfied clients and accomplished attorneys.
 Al Safar and Partners advocates and legal consultants completed 39 years among the best of Dubai Lawyers, while entrusted to provide a selection of legal services in Dubai and all other Emirates of the U.A.E.  The firm is among the top four UAE law firms, representing some of the highest number of cases and legal matters in the Dubai courts as well as DIAC (Dubai International Arbitration Center)

Al Safar and Partners advocates and legal consultants is also one of the very few ISO 9001:2008 quality management certified law firms in the GCC and middle east, that coupled with the law firm’s deep understanding and local experience of the UAE laws and legal system we provide our international clients excellence of service maintaining a tradition of highest legal and business standards, quality of service and a continued pursuit of justice.


Our legal consultants and lawyers in Dubai come from diverse nationalities with strong international experience of practicing as local Arabic lawyers, British barristers and solicitors, Russian, Iranian, Indian, Pakistani, Spanish, Italian, Swiss, Norwegian, Iraqi, Egyptian, Sudanese, Jordanian, Syrian, African advocates and lawyers to name a few.
Our law firm is diverse and offers a multitude of legal services such as corporate commercial law inclusive of business services such as incorporation, franchising & contracts, real estate and property law including litigation and arbitration, family law including divorce or annulments and wills preparation, immigration law for visas and citizenship, labor law end of service and entitlements pursuit, intellectual property law and anti-counterfeiting and enforcement in the UAE, criminal law for fraud, check cases, and theft, or cases of defamation and online defamation.

Our Expertise

Quality Service, Competitive Fees, Vast Experience

Advocate Kavitha Panicker - Real Estate Lawyer in Dubai

Key Contact: Kavitha S. Panicker
Head of Real Estate Disputes

Our services for real estate law matters
• Real estate litigation
• Representation in property sale and purchase services
• Property leasing matters
• Development agreements
• Cases related to joint property ventures
• Litigation, arbitration, mediation or conciliation
• Scrutinizing existing property contracts
• Drafting real estate contracts

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Key Contact: Mohd. Ezz Al Arab
Head of Debt Collection & Enforcement


Our services for debt recovery:
• Debt collection
• Recovery of dishonored cheques
• Loan recovery
• Prosecution of fugitive debtors
• Investment and management of repossessed assets

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Key Contact: Mays Kabbani
Head of Criminal

Our services for Criminal matters:
• Fraud
• Theft
• Assault
• Arson
• Battery
• Defamation
• Child abuse
• Drugs cases
• Medical negligence
• Juvenile crimes
• Money laundering
• Dishonoured cheques
• Abduction
• Extortion
• Robbery
• Harassment
• Manslaughter
• Cybercrimes
• Forgery
• Counterfeiting currency
• White collar crimes including financial crimes

Key Contact:

Jason H.J. Kim
Partner – Corporate Commercial Department

Our services for Corporate matters:
• Setting up companies and corporate entities in different jurisdictions
• Representation in DIFC courts
• Representation in regional courts
• Legal advice related to corporate compliance
• Shareholdings and distribution
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Modification of company structure
• Local and international business
• Bankruptcy related legal services

Al Safar and Partners advocates an

Key Contact: Mohd. Ezz Al Arab
Head of Litigation & Execution

Our services for employment-related legal matters:
• Handling breaches of employment contracts
• Dealing with wrongful termination cases
• Cases related to breach of trust and confidentiality matters
• Advising clients about their labour rights
• Clarifying employment contracts
• Explaining and analyzing the Ministry of Labour laws and regulations

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d legal consultants is also one of the very few ISO 9001:2008 quality management certified law firms in the GCC and middle east, that coupled with the law firm’s deep understanding and local experience of the UAE laws and legal system we provide our international clients excellence of service maintaining a tradition of highest legal and business standards, quality of service and a continued pursuit of justice.

Key Contact: Mostafa Al Saeed
Head of Experts Dept.

Advocate Mahdi Al Safar - Emirati Lawyer in Dubai

Mahdi Al Safar
Founding Partner 

Key Contact: Kavitha S. Panicker
Managing Partner

Our services for litigation:

We work hard for  the least expensive and the most effective way to litigate for our clients. 

  • Drafting pleadings
  • Representing in court of 1st instance , appeals, and high court
  • Representing clients in all 7 emirates of the U.A.E.

Key Contact: Naima Labqa
Head of Family & Inheritance

Our services for inheritance and will disputes:

  • Inheritance cases

  • Will disputes

  • Representation in succession issues

  • Out-of-court settlements

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Key Contact: Aparna Shan
Head of Expat Divorce & Senior Member of Arbitration Team

Our services for divorce matters:
• Divorce and separation cases
• Filing for maintenance
• Child support and custody cases
• Adoption and filiation matters

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Key Contact: Ghazi Abdalla Bahajaj
Head of Shipping and Maritime

Our services encompass the shipping and maritime industry end-to-end, including:
• Finance & mortgage contracts
• Cargo claims
• Asset leasing
• Shipbuilding
• Collisions and insurance litigation
• Purchase deals
• Disputes and ship arrests
• Policies related to hull and cargo

Key Contact: Eduard Nedelcu
Head of Arbitration

Our arbitration services include:
• Representing our clients in UAE and internationally.
• Hosting ad hoc arbitration
• Handling cases in all jurisdictions, including DIFC-LCIA.
• Professional arbitration advice
• Enforcement of foreign arbitral awards.

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We strive to maintain a top reputation and ethical standard while remaining commercially competitive. Thus, our law firm provides quality and satisfactory services at the best possible rate.

Al Safar & Partners in Numbers

+ 1000
Cases in Real Estate Law
+ 80
Clients in Corporate and Commercial
Cases in Criminal Law
+ 125
Clinets in Family & Inheritance & Divorce
+ 180
Cases in Labour


History, Track Record, Successes

Find below a snapshot of our work by industry sectors.
Our team has provided comprehensive legal advice to various clients in this space. We understand the velocity with which the advertising industry operates. We also know the complexities involved in the regulatory frameworks of this space. So, whether it’s the initial contractual requirements of a campaign, drafting agreements, or creating talent contracts, we will guide you at every stage of the process and ensure all your campaign initiatives get their well-deserved success.
  • Representing multinational brand of cars, regarding a franchise dispute with their agent which has extended into litigation.
  • Representing auto traders with local disputes.
  • Representing an investor in public transport sector with partners.
Our lawyers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai understand that a one-size-fits-all approach will not work when it comes to the construction industry. Every country is unique when it comes to legal matters and governing law and regulations in this industry. Our legal consultants are well-versed with the local laws in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and will be able to expertly guide you.
  • Representing some of the largest semi-government  energy institutions on internal labour matters, debt collection, and criminal matters.
  • Represented a private energy company on internal matters of labour, fraud and unfair competition.
  • Advised a large local franchise with many branches on partners dispute.
  • Advised investors in the food service sector on the most effective structure for a restaurant with multiple branches across U.A.E.
  • Advised an international fast food chain on dispute with franchisers.
  • Litigated multiple cases regarding partner disputes.
  • Represented numerous restaurants in labour disputes.
  • Represented a know hotel regarding disputes with tenants
  • Represented heads of multinational IT companies based in the UAE in labour disputes with their employers.
  • Advised on IP issues between partners on startup company which became a very big success.

Our lawyers are efficient with the procedures for registering of trademarks with the relevant authorities within the United Arab Emirates and enforcement of one’s trademark in the court of law. We also provide professional services to individual and corporate bodies in identifying counterfeit products, amicable dispute resolution, enforcement of rights, resolving electronic trade mark matters, arranging franchise, investigation to uncover unlawful practices e.g. unfair competition, breach etc.

With several decades of healthcare sector experience, our legal consultants have helped several healthcare practitioners and organizations with their expert advice. We have a dedicated legal team that combines global experience with local knowledge to bring you expert legal counselling.

We have litigated more than 2,600 real estate cases since 2010 many of which with very notable results against the largest of U.A.E. developers.

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  • Represented some of the largest gold traders in the U.A.E. in cases of fraud against them, with success.
  • Represented a group of investors in case against a strong trading fraud and secured a favorable outcome to all investors.
  • Established companies in RAKIA, JAFZA, DED, and DMCC

We advise & represent a wide range of educational institutions

  • Nurseries and tutoring centers –
  • Academies, maintained schools, multi-academy trusts
  • Further Education Sector
  • Higher Education
  • Independent Schools 
  • Filed claims against insurance for non payment to policy holders with a notable success
  • Advising well know brands on their internal operations and structuring an efficient setup favorable to their business

Services Offered by Al Safar & Partners:

  • Regulatory
  • Compliance
  • Licensing
  • Intellectual Property
  • Joint Ventures
  • Corporate Structuring and Restructuring
  • Advised and represented negotiations on partners dispute between a large shipping company and local partner
  • Represented in litigation and also settlement for a ship production company
  • Represented ship manufacturers on litigation matter regarding breach of contract by buyers.
  • Represented Events companies in cases of compliance and IP breach
  • Negotiated settlement between events organizer and top football club in U.A.E.

For technology-focused businesses:

  • Protection of Intellectual property (IP) rights
  • Assistance in bidding for public sector technology
  • outsourcing projects
  • Contract creation for partners, employees
  • Drafting of HR policies
  • Legal advice when pitching for investments
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Guidance with tax-related matters
  • Property-related legal advice
  • Dispute resolution


For companies that rely on technology:

  • IP protection
  • Legal guidance for licensing
  • Identification of the right technology partner
  • Drafting of contracts
  • Risk identification and mitigation measures
  • Guidance with service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Regulatory compliance

Our services for telecommunications

  • Drafting legal documents relating to software licensing, IT products, and service marketing
  • Assist in the filing for an operational license
  • Helping our clients understand the expectations of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
  • Promptly notifying our clients whenever there is a change in regulatory laws
  • Providing credible legal advice on data privacy laws
  • Defining the scope of operations of your company within the communications industry
  • Representing our clients in a litigation lawsuit

Our services for transportation

  • Drafting and review of transportation and logistics contracts
  • Inspecting transportation accidents and compensation claims
  • Reviewing personal injury claims
  • Handling corporate and shipping insurance
  • Assisting in supply chain and logistics document development
  • Advising our clients on mergers and acquisitions
  • Representing clients in the procurement, lease, or sale of terminal facilities
  • Defending our clients in lawsuits with customers or regulatory authorities

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© Al Safar & Partners Advocates and Legal Consultants, registered number 103046.The term Partner means a member of Al Safar & Partners Advocates and Legal Consultants or a senior employee of equivalent standing. Al Safar & Partners Advocates and Legal Consultants is authorised and regulated by the Dubai Legal Affairs Department and the Ministry of Justice to provide legal services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras El Khayma, Ajman, Al Ain3, and Umm El Quien
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