Struggling to find good employees?

Struggling to find good employees?

Employee Recruitment Marketing (ERM). A digital marketing service designed specifically for recruiting employees

Employee Recruitment Marketing (ERM) is designed to precisely target your ideal employee via digital advertising. The campaign is guaranteed to produce 100,000 advertising views per month, meaning that your ideal candidates are guaranteed to see and consider your business.

Why Choose Us?

Currently there are a record high number of companies searching for employees.

This means that your potential employees have a lot of companies to consider. 

Are potential employees aware that you’re hiring? 

Are potential employees aware of the benefits of joining your company?

To capture new employees in such a tough hiring market, companies need to be aggressive with their tactics. Although no marketing can guarantee that an employee will agree to work for your organization, the Employment Recruitment Marketing package with Foundational Marketing guarantees that your ideal candidates see your advertising and consider joining your team.

Pay, benefits and culture are the top three reasons for joining a company. Your company’s most attractive benefits (value statements) will be placed into digital advertisement designs and then shown to your ideal candidates. 

This service package precisely targets your ideal candidates and puts your digital advertisements in front of them.There is no better way to get your company in front of potential employees.

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Employee Recruitment Marketing (ERM)

Promise to Our Clients: We promise to operate in an ethical manner and to never stop working towards earning your loyalty. Your trust in us to manage your digital marketing is never taken for granted.

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