Maximize Your (Paid) Advertising Revenue With Programmatic Services

What is a Programmatic Service?

MediaOne is the leading programmatic agency in Singapore, equipping businesses with the necessary tools to drastically improve advertising profitability. Along with marketing expertise, our services provide you with algorithmic software that:

Automates the buying and selling of online advertising space in real-time

Runs computerized auctions that bring advertisers and publishers together.

Identifies the best prices and optimal ad spaces in the time it takes a webpage to load.

Analyzes traffic data and online targeting methods to ensure that your ads are targeted to the ideal audience, effectively maximizing your ROIs.

Get Ahead Of Your Competition

However, programmatic advertising strategies require time and professionals with technical expertise in the programmatic ecosystem to effectively maneuver innovative technologies for highly sophisticated campaigns. Let us do the work for you, stop losing out to your competitors, and reap the benefits of programmatic advertising today!

What does a Programmatic Service bring to your table?

When you’re running paid adverts, you want to maximize ROI through the most efficient means possible. A programmatic service helps you achieve this, and MORE:

Tell-tale Signs That Your Business Needs A Programmatic Service

Most businesses are starting to understand the power of programmatic advertising, and many successful ones have taken the leap in engaging programmatic experts to help them stand out from their competitors. You might be wondering if you should do the same. Well, consider if your current advertising strategies...

If these hit close to home for you, then you’re definitely in need of a programmatic service, it is time to make these problems a thing of the past.

What type of ads can be managed programmatically?

Most digital ads can be programmatically managed, in fact, 70% of ads online are currently bought and sold using programmatic technology. Examples of digital ads include, but are not limited to :

Display ad campaigns

E.g. popup and banner ads all over the internet

Video ad campaigns

E.g Ads on YouTube videos

Native ad campaigns

E.g Ads on various media websites such as seen on Stomp and Channel News Asia

Paid search engine ads

E.g Google ads)

Mobile ad campaigns

E.g. In-app ads

TV & streaming ads

Connected TV and streaming service ad campaigns like Ads on streaming TV services such as Crunchyroll, Hulu and Amazon TV

Digital audio ad campaigns

E.g through podcasts or streaming radio services such as Spotify and Google Podcasts

How can OUR Programmatic Services help you?

Aside from the drastic increase in advertising profitability that a programmatic service can provide you, MediaOne goes the extra mile to exponentially improve your results. The process of our programmatic services is as such :


Pre Campaign analysis to find what would work best for you


Leveraging on in-house builds from standard banners to dynamic creative optimization and high impacts, dependent on which is best suited for you


We provide access to all the advertising channels, formats, and targeting strategies to achieve the best result for you


Analysis of post-campaign metrics such as incrementality and brand studies is carried out to determine further revision


Campaign insights and optimizations delivered the way that drives the most results

MediaOne Programmatic Advertising Solutions

Let our programmatic service helps you through customer analytics to improve acquisition and lifetime value, while simultaneously using business analytics to forecast sales and reduce breakage; effectively optimizing overall advertising ROI.

Advanced TV

⦿   Boost your TV campaigns by incorporating linear and connected TV data
⦿   Gain access to impactful OTT inventory
⦿   Compute beyond traditional means and include hidden factors such as online performance analytics and incremental footfall.


⦿   Target influential customer segments
⦿   Leverage predictive retargeting to influence high-value audiences
⦿   Utilize incrementality measurement to optimize campaigns and guarantee the outcome you desire!

Time & Place

⦿   Leverage the location, cost, and real-world data of millions of ad spaces simultaneously.
⦿   Improved understanding of how to effectively target and reach your audience in real-time.e analytics and incremental footfall.

High impact branding

⦿   Enhance your brand by delivering innovative and engaging content through impactful video
⦿   Gain access to impactful OTT inventory
⦿   Compute beyond traditional means and include hidden factors such as online performance analytics and incremental footfall.

How MediaOne’s Programmatic Services Uses data To Solve All Your Problems

To the untrained eye, data is just a mountain of numbers and statistics that does not translate to anything meaningful. It can be difficult to understand this data, and even harder to turn them into actions that deliver cold hard results, such as driving incremental growth through more informed media buying decisions. There are a few key reasons behind this:

Artificial Intelligence + Human Expertise

At MediaOne, we provide you with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to collect your data, paired with human expertise to further analyze these insights and turn them into million-dollar answers with scalable actions through custom integrations. Let your data do more for you, whether it’s reducing breakage and churn, identifying customers that will potentially convert, or even challenges with supply chains, we provide not only our expertise but also advice on how to effectively turn this data into solutions that drive cold-hard results.

Why should MediaOne be your go-to choice for Programmatic Services?

Our programmatic solutions provide you with the right experts and state-of-the-art technology to deliver the best possible outcomes in terms of increased revenue, rapid growth, and high profitability, as we’ve successfully done so for many clients like Phillip Capital, Capitaland, Maybank to name a few.

We offer our programmatic services in 3 main ways

Programmatic campaigns

⦿  For businesses seeking a fully managed programmatic service, we provide trading teams that are certified on four major buying platforms (AT&T, Google, The Trade Desk, and Amazon) where we run multichannel campaigns such as video, display, mobile, TV, out-of-home campaigns, and much more.

⦿   We provide a performance guarantee. We will deliver a minimum number of pre-agreed outcomes on a test campaign in order to make sure they meet or beat your existing solution(s).

Programmatic consultancy

⦿   For businesses looking for support with in-housing, we can share our expertise through planning, training, and troubleshooting support, which can be tailored to your needs.

⦿   The easiest way to get started is a Consultancy Scoping Session, provided free of charge, where we can explore what you need to achieve.

Analytics solutions

⦿   For brands looking for support with customer analytics, media measurement, reporting automation, or solutions to specific business challenges, our analytics solutions can help.

⦿   If you have a specific brief, one of our Solutions Engineers can draft a proposal to address this. Otherwise, brands typically get started with a Data Audit. Data Audits are designed to uncover your data potential and propose ways in which you can realize this through enhancements to your analytics capabilities. Data audits cost $5,000, which is credited to any future analytics work.

Don’t wait. Speak to one of our friendly consultants today.


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A programmatic service is an agency that helps you manage your programmatic advertising.

 In a nutshell, when you visit a website that has ad space on it (such as a google display banner), an auction occurs in real-time to see who’s ad serves that person. There are hundreds and thousands of potential advertisers who could have their ad server, but only one can win (because there is only one ad unit for one ad impression). Using data such as IP address, locations, device type, browsers, etc, each advertiser bids how much they are willing to pay to win the impression. The highest bid wins and has their ads served. This all happens in microseconds.

As bidding on ad space happens almost instantaneously, manually doing so is not only tedious but also time-consuming. Furthermore, doing so does not yield great results. A programmatic service helps you do everything optimally, and automatically, meaning that you’re not only able to secure more ad space, but also be able to find the ideal ad spaces for your target audience.

 More than 70% of online ads today are secured through programmatic advertising. Without a programmatic service to help you out, you will be losing out to a majority of your competitors. Programmatic services are gradually becoming a necessity for any business to survive and thrive.

MediaOne provides you with one of the best programmatic services in Singapore. You can contact us for a free consultation and find out more at (65) 6789 9852.


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