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Staying on top of dental care can be tedious. Finding the right dentist, price / quality concerns, and contacting previous clinics for records to share with your new dentist can involve alot of time and hassle.

With Scoute you can wave goodbye to :

Taking hours to find dentists in your location for costs, treatment information and availability

Delaying treatments as you wait to obtain your records of previous treatment

Lack of transparency, fearing your’re being overcharged or given unecessary / incorrect treatments

Hidden fees and sales tactics that catch you off guard

How Scoute Works

Find dental treatment and compare pricing in one place - Scoute

1. Create a free Scoute profile

Upload your dental history to your profile to make it easier to book future appointments. Now you can share your profile with dental clinics you are interested in.

2. Compare dental clinics

Search by procedure, location, clinic type or customer rating. You can also request assessments and advice from clinics before booking to save time and build assurance in your choice.

3. View and discuss treatments

Compare quotes to book the right course / one off treatment for you. Message clinics to learn about the procedure beforehand if you have any questions.

4. Book an appointment

Scoute will automatically update your profile to keep track of your appointment schedule for every booking. Any updates will be automatically updated too.

5. Attend appointment

Receive treatment in comfort knowing you are booked in with the clinic of your choice, with the cost already agreed.

6. Clinic updates your Scoute profile

Dental clinics will upload a record of the treatment. So you don’t need to spend time obtaining your old records before visiting your next clinic. Simply share them via your Scoute profile.

Get early access to Scoute

Take control of your dental health for a better experience

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The Scoute advantage

Easy access to dentists & specialists in your region

Never get stuck again searching for dentists. Save yourself the time and hassle and book help with Scoute.

Compare dental costs before booking

View and compare costs to select the right treatment, with the right dentist, at a cost you’re comfortable with.

simple bookings

Contact clinics directly via Scoute to save making phone calls and sending emails to get the info you need. View all communication with clinics in one place:

Make the absolute right

Learn about the treatments you need and what to expect with procedures explained, verified clinic reviews and clinics available to answer questions and put your mind at ease.

Share files and photos for contactless assessments

Speed up assessments and find the right dentist for you by uploading and sharing dental photos with the clinics you are considering booking a procedure with.

Take control of your
dental records

All treatments will be documented to make it easier for you to share with future clinics,

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