DSI SpongeGraft

All-in-one Solution for Socket Preservation

While the ordinary collagen plug promotes healing, it lacks regenerative properties. For an all-in-one collaplug and regenerative dental material, your choice is SpongeGraft.

Collagen Plugs
Impregnated with Bone Graft

Boxed in 5 units, 10x20mm sterile plug in each. A simple alternative to your typical allograft and membrane technique to repair a defect, with no risk of membrane dislodgement or particulate washout.

The SpongeGraft Plug is the easiest and most affordable way to deliver bone grafts clinically.

The ideal indication is following an atraumatic extraction when all walls are preserved.

No membrane required - simply place into socket dry and suture in place.

Made to grow ideal bone in preparation for dental implants predictably.

About SpongeGraft

About SpongeGraft

What Dentists Say

What Dentists Say


DSI DENTAL SOLUTIONS - is one of the leading dental companies in Israel. With a full-cycle implant and biomaterial production. We are know for our advanced technological development and high medical standards manufacturing facilities. With DSI you get:

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